Animal mutilation in the Sperrin Mountains

The core of this book focuses on a farm in the Sperrins area of Northern Ireland, where many hundreds of sheep have been subjected to the cold and calculated attentions of a technically advanced intelligence, for purposes unknown.

The farmer, Ger McLaughlin, hired 3 ex-soldiers who had served in Iraq to do a stake-out on his farm in Feeny. The security team had only been in place for two hours (12 midnight – 2am) when, the officer in charge rang Ger McLaughlin to say that he and his colleagues where pulling out immediately. Only a short time into a planned eight hour operation, and even with the potential to earn an extra £5,000 on top of the standard fee. They wasted no time in vacating the property and refused to reveal the reason why.

This is a repost from out Facebook group, on the off-chance some off our followers may have missed this. We’re still very interested in hearing any reports on mutilations please contact us by email / Facebook message or phone/text.

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